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“The Mobius Network was able to help me out with a tech support issue late on a Saturday evening. I appreciate the rapid response, clear instructions and options provided to get me back to work quickly!”

Bonnie Low, Owner
Greenleaf Project Management

"The Mobius Network offers technical, yet simple, solutions to enhance organizational operations. Their assistance with development and implementation of a new system has increased our efficiencies, which is invaluable to a non-profit with limited resources."

Executive Director
California Resource Recovery Association

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Webinar Registration Questions, Polls, Handouts, and Surveys

Webinar organizers can create Registration Questions, Polls, Handouts, and Surveys for attendees and registrants.

Surveys and Polls should be created and entered into the Citrix system in advance of the webinar for optimum efficiency.

Please send all Survey Questions, Poll Questions, Handouts, and Presentations in PDF format to the webinar Organizer at least 24 hours in advance.

Registration Questions

1.  Standard registration questions can be required or optional.

2. New questions can be added in the form of a multiple choice single answer question, or a question answered with a short text response.



1. Up to 5 handouts can be pre-uploaded before the start of the webinar.

2. Handouts will be available to attendees during the webinar.

3. Each Handout file must be less than 100mb.



1. Surveys can be sent to attendees or to registrants who did not attend.

2. Surveys can be launched automatically after the webinar or sent in the follow-up email from the Citrix system.

3. Survey questions can include: A. Multiple Choice with One Answer, B. Multiple Choice with Multiple Answers, C. Rating Scale of 1-5, D. Short Text Response.

Creating GoToWebinar Surveys


1. Multiple Choice Questions can include one or more correct answers.

2. Polls can be created during the webinar by an Organizer if needed.


3. Polls are launched by Organizers during the webinar.


Contact [email protected] with any questions.